– Registered Massage Therapist


Allison Hobson-Wardell is a Sutherland Chan graduate who loves her job, loves to learn, be active, travel, meet new people, and have fun in life. She takes great pride in caring for her patients, and welcomes all of your feedback.

In her practice, she uses a wide variety of manual therapy techniques such as myofascial release, muscle energy, active isolated stretch, acupuncture, strain-counter-strain, and trigger point release. She also instructs her patients regarding proper body mechanics, utilizing remedial exercises to improve overall posture and athletic performance. Since graduating she has enhanced her clinical skills further through post-graduate courses in Infant Massage, as well as becoming a Stott Trained Pilates Instructor and a Certified Acupuncture Practitioner at McMaster University in the Medical Acupuncture Program. Allison is now a Clinical Instructor at the McMaster Medical Acupuncture Program.

As a Strength & Conditioning Instructor at the George Brown College Ballet Jorgen Dance School, Allison had the chance to work with talented dance students in their prevention and recovery of common dance injuries such as plantar fasciitis, hallux rigidus, achille’s tendinitis, ankle sprains, knee hyperextension, snapping hip, herniated discs, poor core muscle recruitment, rotator cuff strains, and compartment syndromes.

Allison also served as a therapist on the Medical Team during the Canadian National Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition, as well as the 2006 Pan American Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships. As the Team Therapist for both the Ontario Provincial and Canadian National Synchronized Swimming Teams for two years, Allison was able to work closely with a team of admirable Canadian Athletes who went on to win Gold at the Pan American Games in Florida, and competed quite successfully at the World Championships in China.

With the Cirque du Soleil production of Alegria visiting Toronto in 2004, Allison had an outstanding opportunity working backstage with the cast, treating Contortionists, Acrobats, Singers, and Performing Artists. More recently she assisted in the health care of the artists from the 2007 theatrical production of Sweeney Todd.

Allison’s main career goal is to provide compassionate high quality patient care. She is always up for a challenge! Whether she is stretching out your limb, working out a “kink” in your neck, helping you to strengthen your core, or carefully selecting the placement of acupuncture needles, she hopes she can assist you in returning to your optimal function as soon as possible.