At Pivot Sport Medicine we offer a wide variety of off the shelf and custom bracing and splinting. With proper diagnosis and fitting, orthopaedic bracing can provide the support and stability needed during the healing process and help prevent further injury or re-injury.

Braces are typically used to restrict harmful motion and are used for a wide variety of musculoskeletal injuries including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis Elbow and a wide variety of knee injuries including Patello-Femoral Syndrome, Ligament Sprains and Osteoarthritis .

Braces may be functional, allowing some protected movement of joints. Splints are frequently rigid and do not allow motion. They may be modified in time to allow for mobility as healing progresses.

While “off the shelf” braces are available for many problems, custom arthritis and ligament stabilizing braces are preferred by most patients because of their superior fit and stability. Our Athletic Therapist or Occupational/Hand Therapist will help you select the brace that best fits your needs.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists (OTs) are health care professionals who assist people to return to their daily activities including work, self care and leisure following injury or illness. OTs work in various settings and in many areas of practice to promote improved function for their clients.

Sylvia Rogan is an OT who practices in a setting that provides hand therapy and splinting for people who have had injuries such as soft tissue tears, lacerations and fractures. She treats clients post surgically following repairs to tendons, nerves and bone. Treatment can include splinting, various modalities, as well as mobilization techniques. Splints are provided for both trauma clients and people with conditions such as arthritis and inflammatory conditions such as carpal tunnel and tendonitis.

She assesses clients and measures improvement based on objective measures as well as subjective improvement of daily function.

Bunheads Dance Products

Pivot is pleased to carry a selection of Bunheads products. These accessories are designed and tested by dancers to ensure that they will work for your feet. The gel used in these products is made of either a patented, soft, supple, non-silicone polymer, formulated with medical grade mineral oils, or comfortable 100% medical grade silicone. Both are hypoallergenic, non-toxic and dermatologist tested. The gel doesn’t migrate, so it won’t bottom out, and it virtually eliminates pressure and shear forces. High quality product availability matches perfectly with Pivot’s goal of high quality service and helping people return to activity earlier and healthier.