Chiropractors at Pivot focus on how the body’s muscular, skeletal and nervous systems are functioning. They specialize in treating all regions of the body for injury management and individual performance enhancement.

Pivot chiropractors will perform a thorough initial exam to determine the cause of your pain and any biomechanical faults which may be the underlying cause of the injury. Once a diagnosis has been established, the treatment plan will be tailored to address the patient’s specific condition.

In order to do this, the doctors may use gentle manipulations of the spine to improve range of motion and flexibility. Soft-tissue techniques (primarily ART® – Active Release Technique), therapeutic modalities or medical acupuncture may be employed to facilitate healing, breakdown scar tissue and to restore optimal function. Once the initial symptoms have resolved, a rehabilitation program may be prescribed to correct muscle imbalances, restore proper biomechanics and to help prevent re-injury.

What to expect on your first visit

You and the chiropractor will go through a thorough health history and physical examination in order to establish a diagnosis and the cause of your pain. A customized treatment plan will be presented to you and the doctor will address any questions you may have. Once the treatment options have been discussed and your diagnosis explained to you, treatment will begin on the initial visit.


The treatment plan will be tailored to your specific condition and needs. Our chiropractors take a functional approach to treatment, ensuring the biomechanical cause of the injury is addressed, not just the site of injury. Your treatment may consist of soft tissue therapy, exercise prescription, acupuncture, joint mobilization/manipulation and therapeutic modalities.

Payment for Chiropractic treatments

Chiropractic treatment is not covered by OHIP. However most extended health insurance plans provide partial or full coverage for the service. Please consult with your insurance provider to determine your coverage. Your medical receipts may also be applied to your tax return.

Active Release Techniques (ART®)

ART is a soft tissue mobilization technique that breaks up scar tissue or adhesions found in inflamed muscles, tendons, and nerves. These happen as a result of injury, over training, or poor posture. ART enhances range of motion, increases strength, decreases pain, and prevents further injury

ART is used to treat many different conditions including:

  • Repetitive strain injuries (e.g., tennis elbow)
  • Overuse syndromes (e.g., rotator cuff tendonitis)
  • Postural pain/stiffness (e.g., neck/shoulder tightness and pain)
  • Nerve entrapments (e.g., sciatic pain, hand paresthesia)


Chiropractic addresses a variety of health problems that originate from spinal joint dysfunction and nervous system. Daily wear and tear, old injuries and stress can cause vertebrae to lose their proper position and movement. The dysfunction of the spine may irritate the nervous system, causing pain and nerve interference throughout your body. Chiropractic care helps your body heal itself by correcting these dysfunctions.

Activator Chiropractic has 15 years of clinical research and 40 years of empirical study. Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique (AMCT) is the most widely used low force technique in chiropractic. It examines joint dysfunction in the spine and extremities through neurological, orthopedic and chiropractic exams for patient care.

This chiropractic technique uses specific procedures to determine leg length inequality, body mechanical imbalances, spinal joint dysfunction, and compromised neurological reflexes. Spinal joint dysfunction is restored using an Activator Adjusting Instrument. This hand-held tool is used to give a “very specific, low-force, high velocity” adjustment. This instrument delivers a “controlled, light, fast thrust” without causing any muscle resistant or strain to patients, thus allowing for an exact and precise adjustment.

Patients from children to the elderly enjoy the benefits of an Activator adjustment because it is quick, gentle and easy.

Activator Chiropractic is highly effective in treating the following conditions: neck pain, low back pain, shoulder pain, sciatica, whiplash, headaches, disc problems, knee pain and sacroiliac pain.