Dance Essentials

Hair Pins

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These super heavyweight hairpins are designed for dancers and 1 pin does the job of several hair pins. Each package comes with 12.

Toe Tape

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This 100% Crepe toe tape reduces friction and prevents chafing that causes blisters. Each roll has 60 yards of tape.

Spun Silver Lambs Wool

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This Lamb wool is treat with smartsilver which is a trademarked natural antimicrobial that guards against odot. This wool prevents odor and material degradation because when the wool contacts moisture it releases low levels of silver ions that prevent the growth of microbeads. This product is 100% wool, hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

Hair Nets

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These hair nets are strong and nearly invisible. There are 3 to a pack and separated by white paper so they can be easily handled.

Stitch Kit

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This stitch kit is good for pointe shoes and ballet slippers. It comes with 75 yards of super-strong, bonded nylon thread, 2 large= eye needles and detailed sewing instructions.

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Performance Lashes

These lashes are long wearing classic lashes that can be cut to size. Instructions and adhesives are included with each pair of lashes.

Strap Converter

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Use these to cinch and keeps straps in place on leotards, bras, camisoles and more..