We spend a portion of our lives seeking advice from our Health Care Providers. Relying on their expertise to help determine what illness we may be suffering from and how best to address the issue. We are prescribed medicine and handed a slip of paper with instructions on when to take it and for how long. What we rarely get, is a prescription for exercise. Much like a written prescription telling us what the medicine is and when to administer it, exercise can be prescribed as a form of medicine for many ailments. With a full diagnoses, we can be instructed on not only how to cure a recent or ongoing issue, but to help further prevent them as well.


Medicine is prescribed with a specific dosage, along with that dosage comes a strict guideline on when to take it and for how long. When looking at exercise as medicine, we can’t simply be told what exercise to do without a professional overseeing the process, this would be similar to a Dr. giving us a drug and telling us to figure out how many to take and when to take it. When we look at exercise as a way to heal ourselves and further our health, it is important to do so in the hands of professionals. Allowing them to diagnose the issue and to put forth the best plan of action.

Prescription: First off, finding the root of the problem is key. What are your symptoms? When did you start feeling this way? Is this an ongoing problem for an injury in the past? Pinpointing your issue is the first step in recovery. Similar to a drug prescription when diagnosed correctly, being directed to a see a physiotherapist, chiropractor or perhaps nutritionist, they will put together a specific regimen for your ailment that best suits your needs and most importantly the length of time needed for your body to fully benefit from the recommended exercise.


Dosage: No Dr. will hand you a prescription without the proper dosage to adhere to. Much like this, exercise is best when a proper plan is put in motion. Not enough exercise can result in a stand still in your health, too much exercise can do more damage than good. Having a professional administer the correct amount of exercise is incredibly important. Following the proper steps and schedule will help bring you to your goal. Once you have reached your goal, this doesn’t mean it’s time to stop, better yet, it marks the period when you have the option to adjust your physical activity and mold it into preventative care.

Exercise can be the life long Medicine we all can benefit from. Continued exercise and health go hand in hand. It can be starting from the beginning and discovering what works best for you and your body or continuing to treat pre existing injuries and sporting injuries alike, exercise is the main component for a long and healthy life.


Whether it be an ongoing issue, recent injury or self care in the form of exercise, Pivot Sunday Classes are exactly what the Dr. ordered. Each Sunday class is an hour long, lead by licensed professionals in a small group format.  pivotFIT is perfect for anyone striving to gain muscular strength while challenging their cardiovascular endurance. pivotSHE is a women only class structured to empower women while building strength and stability in a supportive group setting. Balance and Stretch is the perfect class for anyone looking to prep their body for taking the next step physically or simply maintaining healthy movement and flexibility. Our Core to the Floor is open for both women and men, focusing on proper breathing techniques and overall strength.Reconditioning these muscles will help eliminate dysfunctions and improve movement quality for both men and women. Our last class, pivotTEEN, is great for young athletes rehabbing injuries or looking to keep a high level of endurance working on physical strength, fitness and mental confidence. Drop in Sundays and write your own prescription for health!