Hand/Finger/Wrist Support


Hand Exercise Ball-Grip Strength

These Hand Therapy Balls are used to exercise the fingers, hands, and forearms, as well as to provide stress relief.

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Thumb Support

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The CMC Thumb Support aids in the treatment of arthritis and instability of the CMC (carpometacarpal) joint. The unique design of the internal padded stay in combination with the outer elastic strap provides focal compression at the base of the thumb and helps stabilize the CMC joint.

Thumb SPICA Splint

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 Wrist/Thumb Spica splinta are an easy, comfortable, breathable and functional wrist support to support the CMC & MP joints.The Spica offers comfort and support, restricts motion and the wrist and metacarpal joints following surgery or injury. 

Wrist & Thumb Support – Short & Long Options

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  • Lace closure: allows for easy application
  • Radial, palmar and dorsal stays: restrain wrist and thumb motion
  • Polypropylene liner and perforated suede: allow moisture to evaporate away from the skin
  • Low profile design and comfort: improve patient compliance
  • US manufacturing: higher quality control standards