If you’ve been in the clinic you have definitely seen Devonna zipping around full of energy. You can read her full bio here and learn the fun details about her below.

Full name and credentials
Devonna Truong, Physiotherapist, MSc (PT), Hons BSc (Bio & Physiology)
• Bachelors and Masters degrees above @ McMaster University
• Level 1: The physical therapy approach to Female and Male Incontinence
• Level 2: Female and Male pelvic pain
• Foundations of Anatomical Acupuncture
• CPA Orthopaedic Division: Level 1, Level 2 (Upper and Lower)


Favourite part of the job/profession?
Seeing my patients get better and reach their goals

Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer?
Not entirely sure what these mean – but maybe a hunter?

What inspires you?
Personal and professional growth, helping clients succeed in achieving their goals, leaders in the field that have help drive the growth of the profession of physiotherapy.

Favourite TV show or Movie?
Wentworth, Suits, Bridesmaids

If you could be any colour in a crayon box which one would you be?
Green – because I love nature, hiking and the outdoors

Favourite snack?
Chocolate in all forms!