Just when you think you know your doctor they surprise you with some fun facts that make them human. Dr. Lee Schofield is definitely an awesome human. You can read his formal bio here or get to know the man behind the formalities below:

Full name:
Lee Mark Schofield

Education, course details & certifications:
BSc BKin (Hon) CCFP (SEM) Dip Sport Med
• Bachelor of Science- McMaster University
• Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology + Minor in Business- McMaster University
• Doctor of Medicine- University of Toronto
• Family Medicine Residency- University of Toronto, St Michael’s Hospital
• Sport Medicine Enhanced Fellowship- University of Toronto

L Scho
(now you know what to call him on your next visit)

Lee’s favourite part of the job/profession:
• Working with an AMAZING interprofessional team!
• Working with people that are interested and/or motivated in improving their health/injury status.

Is Lee a hunter or a gatherer?
• Hunter


What inspires him?
People! So many people do amazing things in their day to day lives, and he loves to hear about these unique things.

Lee’s Favourite TV shows/Movies are:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The Walking Dead

What colour is Lee in a crayola box?
Well, since Dandelion just was retired from the crayola crayon box, he can’t pick that but would have wanted to! He still has a love for that yellow 🙂
He’ll choose royal blue because he LOVES blue. The blue and yellow combo would actually go well together so that’s perfect 🙂


Lee’s favourite snack?
Hula Hoops/Potato Rings- An English thing!