Get to know Pivot’s newest and tallest team member: Sports & Exercise Medicine Physician Prema Gopie.
Dr. Gopie has a special interest in Global Health and integration of Sports Medicine in developing nations. He is excited to build his practice in the home town of his favorite basketball team.

You can read his full professional bio here.

Full name and credentials:
Dr. Premanand Gopie (Prefer to be called Prema)
Sport & Exercise Physician
• BSc Honours Kinesiology York University
• MD Undergraduate McMaster University
• Family Medicine Residency McMaster University
• Sport and Exercise Medicine Fellowship University of British Columbia

• Prema (open to more creative ideas)

Favourite part of the job/profession?
• Seeing how exercise can treat illness. It is free, and always benefits the patient in more ways than one. Talking sports with patients is also great! I enjoy the team approach in sports medicine, and interacting with other members of the allied health team (squad).

Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer?
• Hunter and gatherer – If I want something I won’t stop till I get it! Success is a battle of time and energy! I also try hard to stop and appreciate the beauty in life’s silence as well. I don’t like letting my goals overtake my peripheral vision.

What inspires you?
• I am inspired by people who go against the status quo because they know what is ‘right’. Seeing someone simply do the right thing is awesome. The Prime Minister of Uruguay is a great example! I like to think that I do the right thing for my patients too!

Favourite TV show or Movie?
• Raptors Open Gym, Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Favourite movie is Gladiator.

If you could be any colour in a crayon box which one would you be?
• The white crayon because when other crayons draw on me I can see their true colours! I like when people can be themselves around me 🙂

Favourite snack?
• Eggs and toast (a meal for some, a snack for me)

More facts about Dr. Gopie

  • He is practicing Student Health
  • His favourite sport is Basketball and he is a huge Raptors fan.
  • He loves playing and following tennis, soccer and baseball.
  • He has a passion for music, food, travelling, cars, and the beach!
  • His dream second job would be doing part time DJ’ing!
  • He is  involved in Sports Medicine from a global health perspective and enjoys bringing those two pursuits together.
  • He is part of a team developing sport medicine in East Africa.