It used to be that eating was simply a matter of common sense.  But these days many people feel that they need a more in depth knowledge of nutrition, not only to help them shed pounds, but also to keep up with the mounting scientific evidence that certain foods may cause or prevent disease.

Nutritional counseling can help you make sense of your foods.  It provides help for individuals seeking advice about healthy eating.  Whether it’s for weight gain or loss, regulating blood pressure, boosting energy levels or simply eating healthy overall, a nutritionist can help.

What to expect from nutritional counseling

You will get tailored nutritional advice, a food record analysis and basic nutrition education related to your goals.  Everyday we are faced with news stories about nutrition: stories that are often conflicting and confusing. A nutritionist can help you make sense of the food you eat and give you practical advice that is based on the latest scientific evidence. You will get advice that is easy to follow and fits into your lifestyle. The extra motivation and support provided by an expert will help you follow through and achieve your goals.

For more information on nutritional counseling or to make an appointment with our nutritionist, please call (416)767-4868.