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Working Out over 40

When Dinah offered for me to join her work out sessions I of course said "Yes" but really wanted to say "No" and run in the other direction. I was intimidated. I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up with her and that it would be torture. Over the last 10 years...

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Meet Erika

Get to know Erika Kathleen Labinowicz, registered kinesiologist and newest member of the Pivot Sport Medicine Team. Full professional bio can be found here. Full name & credentials Erika Kathleen Labinowicz, Registered Kinesiologist Bachelors of kinesiology at the...

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Health & Fitness advice for over 40.

Dinah Hampson gives advice for people over 40 when it comes to health and wellness. Dinah is a Registered Physiotherapist - BA, BSc(PT), FCAMT, Dip Manual & Manipulative Physiotherapy, Dip Sport Physiotherapy, Certified IMS practitioner.

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What is that coloured tape people have on their body?

Dinah Hampson – Registered Physiotherapist explains what that tape people walk around with on their bodies is all about. Dinah's credentials are: BA, BSc(PT), FCAMT, Dip Manual & Manipulative Physiotherapy, Dip Sport Physiotherapy, Certified IMS...

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Meet Dr. Peter Lejkowski

Peter has been one of Pivots loved chiropractors for over 6 years. He was a Medical Practitioner for the 2015 PanAm Games, Onsite Medical Support at the World U23 Ultimate Championships & Medical Manager: Ontario Summer Games to name a few over his dozens of...

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Meet Ryan Wells

Registered Physiotherapist Ryan Wells sports background and love of science lead him to pursue a career in Physical Therapy. You can read his full bio here but if you want to know more about him on a personal level check out his answers to our questions below. Full...

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Meet Dr. Lee Schofield

Just when you think you know your doctor they surprise you with some fun facts that make them human. Dr. Lee Schofield is definitely an awesome human. You can read his formal bio here or get to know the man behind the formalities below: Full name: Lee Mark Schofield...

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