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Course: Advanced Management of Post Concussion Syndrome

R2P PATHTM: A Comprehensive Approach It is generally recognized that neuro-pathological and psychological factors underlie persistent post-concussion symptoms. Clinicians are often poorly equipped to manage patients that present with them. This advanced level course...

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Course: Management of Post Concussion Syndrome

IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT REST. Concussions are becoming increasingly recognized as an important public health issues in today’s society. According to the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation, symptoms can persistent beyond the normal recovery period of 3 months in 10 – 15% of...

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Curious about Cupping Therapy?

Cupping became trendier when the world watched U.S. Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps & U.S. gymnast Alex Naddour sport red circular marks across their backs and shoulders during the Rio Summer Olympic. Both Phelps and Alex Naddour believe that cupping treatment provided...

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Let’s Talk Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Pelvic health is an extremely important part of our overall well being. Many people suffer from Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, but nobody talks about it and are unsure of where to seek help or that treatment is available. This subject shouldn’t be taboo! Did you know that...

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Wonder what it's like to be a Physiotherapist during the Olympic games? Here is an interview with 3 Physiotherapist including our very own Dinah Hampson about how they got involved, what is the most challenging part of this honourable position and what the process is...

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Curry Coconut Chicken Kebabs

Enjoy this recipe approved by Andrea Gri. Kebabs on the barbecue is one of her favourite summer meals. This recipe was recently featured in Chatelaine magazine. It's easy to throw together and sure to satisfy any palate! Ingredients: 12 wooden skewers 1 cup coconut...

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Super-Antioxidant Summer Smoothie

Now that the hot weather has arrived, smoothies are a great way to kickstart your morning, or enjoy as an afternoon snack. This smoothie is loaded with antioxidants and makes it easy to enjoy several servings of fruit and vegetables all in one drink! Mix together in a...

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The TPI Golf Fitness Program. Spring Special

Enjoy our spring special for your TPI Golf Fitness Program initial assessment. THIS Spring we are offering $30 off YOUR INITIAL ASSESSMENT. REGULAR PRICE IS $95. NOW your initial assessment is $65 (40 minute golf fitness sessions at $95/sessions - Great gift for the...

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