At Pivot we focus not simply on injuries and symptoms, but on the entire person. Our multi-disciplinary team of sport and orthopaedic professionals works together to provide a collaborative and caring approach to diagnosing, treating, and educating our patients.

We aim to help you help yourself to become healthier and stronger, whether it is to walk in the park or to improve your peak performance. Part of our commitment also includes offering special programmes for teams, groups and athletes of all skill levels.

We have a commitment to education, injury prevention and recovery.

Our expert staff can provide event coverage, workshop speakers, team assessments and injury prevention programmes to interested groups or individuals. Sport concussion and pre-season assessments are performed by the Sport Medicine Physicians and staff. Costs may be involved, and will vary based on the comprehensiveness of the program.

For more information contact us at info@pivotsmo.com.

Pre Pointe Assessment

Are you a ballet dancer looking to begin your pointe training? Make sure you and your body are ready!

Getting on pointe too soon can lead to injury and be detrimental to a young dancer’s development.

It is essential that your body has enough strength, flexibility, and control in order to keep you safely balanced on your toes.

Pivot is now offering Pointe Readiness Assessments. These physiotherapy assessments are 30 minutes long and they are booked with one of our dance physiotherapists: Dinah, Stephanie, or Mary Ellen.

Assessments include:

  • Ankle range of motion and strength testing
  • Balance testing
  • Analysis of specific dance techniques, including relevés, pirouettes, and jumps
  • Advice on whether you are ready to begin pointe training
  • Tailored home exercise program to target areas that need improvement (if you are not ready), in order to get you on pointe safely

Cost: $75.00

Dancers must be 12 years of age (or older) and have had at least 3 years of ballet training (minimum).

Call in to book your appointment today! Make sure to specify that you would like a Point Readiness Assessment with one of our dance physiotherapists.

Team Assessments

The staff at Pivot Sport Medicine and Orthopaedics believe that injury prevention through proper conditioning and training is an important part of sport. With this in mind, our staff are available to do team assessments looking at fitness levels, muscle imbalances and assess lingering injuries.

This comprehensive overview is conducted by one of the Sport Medicine Physicians and various therapists. Assessments usually take 15 to 30 minutes per athlete. In contact sports, baseline concussion testing may also be conducted (see ImPACT section).

Assessments can be done at your training location or at the clinic. There is a small fee per athlete which varies depending upon the complexity of the assessments requested.

For more information or to book your team’s assessments, contact us at info@pivotsmo.com and ask about Team Assessments.

Event Coverage

All of the physicians and therapists at Pivot volunteer their time to assist in providing medical care at a variety of sport events. Such events have included the Paralympics, Canada Games, Youth Commonwealth Games, World Championships and various marathons, hockey and soccer games to name a few.

If you are a member of an event Organizing Committee that requires therapists and/or physicians to provide on-site medical care, contact us atinfo@pivotsmo.com. Local and international events which involve travel and time out of the office require advance notice and booking.

Speaker’s Bureau

Public speaking on a variety of sport and physical activity related topics is another way Pivot Sport Medicine and Orthopaedics connects and contributes to the community. Our staff is experienced at presenting to small to large groups in the areas of injury prevention, concussions, shoe advice, exercise and pregnancy, Female Athlete Triad, Osteoarthritis and many more topics of interest to active groups and individuals.

If your organization is looking for speakers to address these or other physical activity or sport related topics, contact us at info@pivotsmo.com to invite one of our staff to your event.