One on one training

Personalised strength and conditioning is available with our health care practitioners. What better way to improve your fitness and reach activity goals than working out under the direct supervision of your osteopath, physiotherapist, kinesiologist, or chiropractor? Our staff will modify exercise programs to adjust for injuries and individual performance goals. Sessions may be covered by extended health care benefits.


Pivot offers pilates sessions with a registered physiotherapist. Pilates is a form of strength and flexibility training focused on core muscles that can be done by people of all fitness levels. The exercises can also be adapted for people who have limited movement or injury. Pilates promotes a feeling of physical and mental well-being and also develops inner physical awareness. Since this method strengthens and lengthens the muscles without creating bulk, it is often a highly effective training approach. Pilates is helpful in preventing and rehabilitating from injuries, improving posture, and increasing flexibility, circulation, and balance.

Group Conditioning & Strengthening

Small group classes are available on Sundays at Pivot, providing participants with expert instruction from one of our Strength and Conditioning health care staff. The intimate clinical setting and knowledgeable instruction provides each participant with personalized correction and modification for any injuries or concerns. See our Sunday fitness program schedule here.

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