When Dinah offered for me to join her work out sessions I of course said “Yes” but really wanted to say “No” and run in the other direction. I was intimidated. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up with her and that it would be torture. Over the last 10 years everything just started breaking down and hurting. My knees, my shoulder, my back, my neck, my ankles. I’m tired of feeling pain and don’t want workouts to add to that pain.

In our 1st session I complained about foot pain and Dinah let me know I have plantar fasciitis (bonus of working out with physiotherapists – they know what is actually going on in your body). I’m now being treated for that and everything is feeling so much better.

In our 2nd session we discovered I have very weak glutes. When the glutes aren’t doing their job, muscle function and movement mechanics in the hips – as well as strength, power, mobility, stability, posture, and athletic performance suffer. So now I have a 5 min exercise I do everyday and within weeks they are so much stronger which now make my knees and ankles hurt much less.

In our 3rd session – I just had fun. Ok – maybe I had fun from the beginning too but I’m excited and look forward to the workouts because not only am I seeing results, I’m feeling less pain in my whole body altogether.

3 weeks in I can honestly say that working out with people that really know what they are doing is amazing. All the years of working out for hours are gone. In an hour or less a couple times a week I’m getting so much stronger and active that I’m finding excuses to walk more, I’m climbing stairs without feeling any strain and I have so much more pep in my step.

Ok – so I still can’t really do what Dinah does yet but maybe one day. I’m coming for you Dinah.