– Chiropractor

BPHE, DC ART Provider, TPI Certified

Dr. Yuri Charko is a licensed chiropractor who brings his knowledge in musculoskeletal injuries to the clinical team at Pivot Sports Medicine. His academic background begins with his Bachelors in Physical Education and Health from the University of Toronto. His interests in sports medicine and exercise physiology led him to pursue a career as a chiropractor, attaining his degree from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) in 2009.

Along with his training as a chiropractor Dr. Charko is also certified in Clinical Acupuncture with a foundation in Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as previous certification as an Active Release Technique (ART®) provider. Most recently, he became certified through the Titleist Performance Institute as a golf fitness instructor. The TPI program utilizes functional movement screens to help golfers analyze and improve their performance on the course. He is a strong believer in the quality of movement versus quantity of repetitions, thus utilizing functional movement screens to help his patients achieve their goals in the most efficient manner.

As someone who lives an active lifestyle outside of the clinic, Dr. Charko enjoys treating athletes of various levels and sports. Thus far, he has had the opportunity to work with professional hockey players, amateur golfers, triathletes and collegiate level athletes from a variety of sports. His history in golf, volleyball, track & field and baseball gives him insight into what his patients are going through during competitions as well as when they are working their way back from an injury.

Dr. Charko is fluent in Ukrainian, and brings strong community ties to the Pivot team. When away from the clinic, Dr. Charko follows what he preaches and maintains an active lifestyle participating in beach volleyball and trying to play as much golf as possible.