Dinah Hampson founded the company Pivot Sport Medicine and Orthopaedics in 2003 to support patients in having a better quality of life. The last few years has seen the company go digital, with a heightened focus on specific specialties, ensuring that no matter where patients are, they can access high levels of support.


Pivot Home brings the experience and expertise of Pivot’s team to you. There are circumstances when leaving your home for appointments is as challenging as the physical limitations themselves. Following surgery, after delivering a baby, or driving limitations all present special challenges, often temporarily limiting mobility or access to the expertise of Pivot’s team. Our team offers multifaceted services available to you in your home

Including: chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage therapy, pelvic floor physiotherapy, and more.
Pivot Home is the perfect alternative for individuals, and families, who aren’t able to come to Pivot. Time or distance should not prevent you from being able to experience what we have been offering the Bloor West community for 15+ years. We provide you with the same expertise and dedication that our patients have been receiving all these years to reach their goals, but this time, from the convenience of your own home.

Pivot She recognizes challenges specific to women in fitness, nutrition, and pelvic health. We want to offer women the opportunity to get empowered through strengthening and knowledge. Pivot’s depth of expertise in pelvic floor certified physiotherapy ensures science and education is applied to all women’s programming. Our healthcare practitioners offer focused strengthening programs in conjunction with pelvic floor physiotherapy specifically for women. Pivot She prides itself in offering an inviting space where women of all ages can access a comprehensive program of healthcare, nutritional education, fitness, and pelvic health treatment.

PivotFIT evolved with the needs of our patients. There are hundreds of reasons to be fit and science clearly shows us the physical and mental health benefits of fitness. We also know that everyone faces challenges when it comes to staying fit and incorporating exercise into our daily lives. At Pivot, we embrace active living, we want to teach by example, and we invite the entire Pivot community to live well with us. We are a clinic, not a gym and our classes are taught by healthcare experts who understand injury and pathology, with an extra focus on corrections and modifications. The ultimate objective at Pivot Fit is to remove barriers and offer a welcoming, boutique, and expert-led environment for clients to safely experience the joy of fitness and the benefits of physical activity.

Pivot Dancer is an instructional platform offering dancers, and others alike, a strength and conditioning program specially curated with the help of world-class dancers and industry experts. The program aims to improve performance, decrease the risk of injury, and empower dancers in an accessible and safe environment while sharing the experiences of other dance professionals.


A pivotal change delivered by caring professionals focused on individual needs, motivations, and desired outcomes.