Yehia Abdelkader

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Registered Physiotherapist

Yehia obtained a Bachelor of Kinesiology from Dalhousie University followed by a
Masters in Physical Therapy from the University of Alberta. He has strong clinical
interest in orthopedic disorders, neurological disorders, and sports injuries.
He continues to further his educational and clinical expertise by undertaking
Manual Therapy Levels with the Orthopedic Division of the Canadian
Physiotherapy Association and undergoing training in Dynamic Neuromuscular
Stabilization at the Prague School of Rehabilitation. Concurrently, he is pursuing
certification in Sport Physiotherapy and actively serves as a First Responder at
various sports tournaments and events. Additionally, he has an advanced
certification in Dry Needling.

In his clinical practice, he excels in diagnosing neuro-musculoskeletal conditions
and employs manual therapy techniques alongside advanced rehabilitative
exercises, all aimed at restoring and enhancing functional movement.
Yehia possesses a remarkable talent for building meaningful connections with his
patients. He seeks to empower his patients by offering them the education and
resources necessary to achieve their objectives.

Beyond his clinical work, Yehia has a strong interest in martial arts and has been
practicing various forms since childhood. He also enjoys squash and tennis, as
well as cooking, drawing, and has a passion for collecting vintage music records.

Functional restoration
Hot & cold therapy
Joint manipulation
Joint mobilization
Pre/post-surgical rehabilitation
Running assessment
Soft tissue therapy
Sport therapy
Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Pain Treatment

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